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Busy Mums Cooking Corner

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 We are all busy mothers rushing off to work or other commitments.  At the time we really don't have time to think aobut dinner at night as we have so many other things to do! Is this your Morning Routine? Shower and work out what we are wearing; Wake up the children – and that […]

Economical Eating Spot

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What is the Cost? Have you ever been in the situation where you need to go out for dinner either with friends or family and have a tribe of kids and want to make it cost effective but nice? We attended a musical matinee recently with my nephew who was one of the lead artists.  It […]

Staying Healthy

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Is Dinner Time a Hassle? It certainly can be at times especially when  it is so difficult to get children to eat one vegetable let alone 5 in any one day when you are striving for healthy kids.  Fruit isn't such a problem but vegies certainly are.  What if I told you that there are ways around […]