Sunday, February 18, 2018

Playing FarmVille

Is Buying a FarmVille Guide Worth It? I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical when I first started seeing FarmVille guides popping up. I mean, I'd never really played the game, but from the name I assumed there couldn't be all that much to it. After all, how much strategy could possibly go into […]

The Joy of Writing

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Written by Margie Riley: A very long time ago when I was still at school, my friends and I wrote an essay entitled ‘Spring’.  We had been given carte blanche by our English teacher, a fearsome woman, who was also the headmistress of the boarding school in which I was incarcerated.  Thank goodness conditions at […]

Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

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Amazing Smoothies Healthy eating at times can be a challenge.  I believe we all have an issue with trying to get the 5 x3 vegetables and fruit quota into our kids.  We struggle and the more we struggle the more the children are more determined not to cooperate.  We start to feel guilty as we know […]