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Acne Treatment – How to Decipher What Is Best for You

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Acne treatment and product reviews: Free Weekly Products Update – learn about the causes of acne and what are the best acne treatments.

The Joy of Writing

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Written by Margie Riley: A very long time ago when I was still at school, my friends and I wrote an essay entitled ‘Spring’.  We had been given carte blanche by our English teacher, a fearsome woman, who was also the headmistress of the boarding school in which I was incarcerated.  Thank goodness conditions at […]


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No disorder is as confusing to comprehend or as complex to diagnose as autism. And, no disorder has more myths and misconceptions surrounding it than autism. In fact, University of California scientists and clinicians all agree that the earlier an autistic child starts a program, the better the symptoms can be treated, yet for infants […]