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No disorder is as confusing to comprehend or as complex to diagnose as autism. And, no disorder has more myths and misconceptions surrounding it than autism.

In fact, University of California scientists and clinicians all agree that the earlier an autistic child starts a program, the better the symptoms can be treated, yet for infants and toddlers an accurate diagnosis can take several years.

As a result, many parents are confused, worried and frustrated.

And, once diagnosed hopes get shattered … dreams get crushed … and what should be a joyous parenting experience becomes what feels like an eternity of confusion and pain.

Information plus Natural treatment for autismDoes my child really have autism? What will his or her future be like? How can I identify with what they are thinking and feeling? What can I do to enhance my autistic child's future? What are the autistic signs, causes and symptoms?

These are only a handful of unanswered questions that might cross an autistic parent’s mind. How many questions would you like answered? The myths will be put to rest and your most pressing questions answered by:

Dr. Newmark as he reveals the truth about autism causes, symptoms & treatment.

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