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Busy Mums Cooking Corner

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 We are all busy mothers rushing off to work or other commitments.  At the time we really don't have time to think aobut dinner at night as we have so many other things to do!

Is this your Morning Routine?

Shower and work out what we are wearing;Quick and easy meals for your kids

Wake up the children – and that can sometimes be a real challenge in itself;

Pack lunches or maybe you are one of the organised crowd with lunches packed the night before – well done!

Dress the children and make sure bags are packed including the lunches;

Oh I almost forgot – FEED the family before rushing out the door;

So when do we think about dinner? 

Perhaps you have a fleeting thought during the day during one of your hungry spells.  Or maybe it is on the way home where it becomes a gnawing thought, "Oh dear, what can I give the family for dinner?"

Being a foster mum I can have just two people for dinner or I can have 10 people and believe you me they are all hungry!  So what do I do?  Well, I find that buying in bulk and cooking and freezing works really well for me and the family.

When I arrive home from work I do the vegies and grab some meat out of the freezer.  This may be sausages, steak, kebabs, schitzels or even a casserole. 

I use a steamer and quickly put the vegies on.  If I was smart enough to get the meat out before leaving for work I will leave that on the cupboard to warm up in the microwave.  Or if it is just coming out of the freezer then I put it in the microwave to thaw and go off and have a cuppa or a refreshing glass of vino!

When the steamer beeps I pop the meat in the microwave and by the time I have put the vegies on the plate the meat is heated – NO STRESS!

Alternatively there are some really good and quick recipes that will also do the trick.  I have found some excellent ones in the market so do take a look at this –  Access the best product to help you with quick and easy meals. 

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