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Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

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Amazing Smoothies

Healthy smoothiesHealthy eating at times can be a challenge.  I believe we all have an issue with trying to get the 5 x3 vegetables and fruit quota into our kids.  We struggle and the more we struggle the more the children are more determined not to cooperate.  We start to feel guilty as we know they need this quota for optimum health.  Well there is an answer and that is to camouflage the fruit and vegies into a refreshing cool smoothie.  Do your children love smoothies like mine do? If so then you won't have any problems.  OK, so what do we put into a smoothie that takes away the flavor of vegetables that kids always seem to recognise?  Well I recently found the answer and it is in this amazing Smoothie Recipe Ebook and it is so good for every child and adult alilke.  It can be used for a child who has an obesity problem.  It is also excellent to help fight chronic diseases, weightloss but more importantly to get your 5 A Day vegie quote!  So check out this eBook because you nothing to lose and everything to gain from healthy eating.

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